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Sento LAN E - the new cash register in NOVITUS's offer!

23 June 2016

We are very  pleased to present our latest cash register - Sento LAN E. The device uses the same casing as its predecessor - Sento E, the cash register, which is already popular and was well received by the market. However, the technical characteristics and new functionalities of Sento LAN E change  it to a product of a different, higher market segment.

What are these new features introduced into this model by the manufacturer?
Like in system cash registers, Sento LAN E has an article database that can contain up to 16.000 articles with a name of 40 characters each. What is more, you can program 10.000 linked codes to existing PLUs. It has also an ON-Line buffer that can contain up to 20,000 entries. Articles can be assigned to 100  article groups (departments). You can control up to 32 cashiers, operating this cash register, with a various rights to access.
You are able to program 64 returnable containers, which can be assigned to articles, creating thereby so-called 'tandems'. A new feature is also the ability to create links: article+article. The cash register keeps control of stock inventory of articles sold, has a function of a 'price checker' and of re-pricing the whole article database. This device enables you to add an extra description to an article either from a database of pre-programmed descriptions or one entered manually while selling. 
A new feature in Sento LAN E is also the ability to program VAT rates "in advance". While programming, you can set a date of activation of  new VAT rates that you have programmed in the device.
Instead of SD card for an electronic journal, we use a uSD card in this cash register.
Sento LAN E differs from all previous models of Novitus's cash registers with a color of displays. This device has a black-and-white, graphic, backlit, LCD displays, with a resolution of 132x32 pixels.

The most important novelty in Sento LAN E is a LAN interface, which allows you to communicate with this cash register from anywhere in the world, ensuring maximum stability and speed of the connection. A standard network card enables you to connect this cash register to an existing network in the company / store. Through this interface, a user can program in Sento LAN E all the databases and settings, and read data about sales of articles, receipts, departments or cashiers.This device let you also read data from the fiscal memory or from an electronic journal.  LAN interface can also be used for communication with a payment terminal, monitoring  system, non-fiscal printouts, etc. Connecting the cash register to the network allows you to send data from a daily report, automatically and immediately after its performance, on e-mail address, programmed in the device.

The functionality of USB HOST is much higher than, for example, in Sento E, in which only an USB barcode reader can be connected there. In Sento LAN E you can also connect to this interface a computer keyboard, which make programming of PLU database or other content (header, cashiers, etc.) easier in the cash register.  A memory stick (pen drive) can be connected, as well. It allows you to export to this memory a database of articles, departments, cashiers, configuration, and all other settings and databases of the device. These data can serve as a backup copy or be used to program the next cash register. These data can also be export (or import) on a uSD card in the fiscal device.

Sento LAN E offers a useful function for users selling excise goods (cigarettes, alcohol). It can be programmed to remember a turnover of PLUs labelled as "excise". Regardless of changes in article database (deleting/changing PLU, deleting the whole article database), the cash register allows you to print a report summing sales of these articles in any time range (eg. for a full year, particular month). Such "excise reports" are very desirable when applying for renewal of a license to sell alcohol.

Sento LAN E was tested at the Central Office of Measures in Poland and thereby approved by the President of the Central Office of Measures as a device that meets criteria and technical conditions specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Economy from August 27, 2013 (Decision No. PT 12/2015).

Technical specification and new functionality in Sento LAN E:
• LAN interface for cooperation with:
- PC,
- EFT terminal,
- printout monitor,
- application of non-fiscal printouts,
- application for reading the fiscal memory and an electronic journal,
• 16,000 PLU with a name up to 40 characters each,
• DHCP server operation,
• Connection with MAC address filtering,
• Sending data of a daily report to programmed e-mail,
• USB interface for connection:
- bar code reader,
- computer keyboard,
- memory stick (pen drive).
• Export and import of databases, settings and configurations from the cash register to pen drive or µSD card,
• Excise reports of any reporting period,
• Confirmation of service inspection recorded to the fiscal memory,
• Report of service inspections made from the fiscal memory ,
• Report of fiscal memory read divided on VAT rates and currencies,
• Control of active and passive drawer (6-24V),
• Graphic logo in a receipt header,
• Graphics in a receipt footer,
• Tax ID, personal ID or any buyer's ID on a fiscal receipt. Entered ID can be displayed on a customer display in order to enable a client to check it before confirmation,
• Any non-fiscal printouts, printed as a separate document or included in a receipt,
• Graphics, bar codes and QR codes on non-fiscal printouts,
• Bus services, time-limited services, rental services, car park services, etc.
• 10.000 linked codes,
• 20.000 ON-LINE buffer,
• 100 article groups (departments),
• 64 containers,
• 1.000 tandems: PLU + container,
• 1.000 sets: PLU+ PLU,
• 20 article description + any in the moment of sales,
• 32 cashiers,
• Programming VAT rates in advance (date of activation),
• Modern graphic LCD displays.

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