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Distinguishing features of BONO APTEKA E fiscal printer:

  • Ergonomic plastic casing
  • Electronic Journal (SD cardl)
  • SD card accessible to the user
  • Access to data stored on SD card from the printer (for printing)
  • Access to data stored on SD card from a PC for reviewing, reporting, copying and archiving
  • Supplied software for reading SD card data with reporting and search functionality and for reading data from the fiscal memory with option to perform authorized periodic and monthly fiscal report
  • Advanced energy management
  • High-performance internal battery
  • Graphic blue LCDs for the cashier and the customer. Customer’s display: 132x64 pixels, cashier’s display 132x32 pixels
  • Backlit keyboard,
  • Communication interfaces RS232 and USB
  • Support for most pharmacy applications with use of the most popular communication protocol in the market
  • Article/drug name up to 40 characters
  • Up to 255 sales items on a single receipt
  • Rapid printing
  • Single clamshell mechanism – easy and quick paper change, no second paper roll
  • Advanced paper saving system (no empty spaces between receipts, condensing the printout for shorter names, reports, etc.)
  • Paper width of 57 mm
  • Printing VAT invoices and copies directly on the printer
  • Numerous non-fiscal printouts
  • Printing confirmations for payment card acceptance, loyalty transactions and prepaid mobile phone charging purchase
  • Printing article bar codes and system number
  • Printing additional article descriptions on the fiscal receipt
  • Pharmacy-specific printouts: refunds, prescription description, magistral medicine order, drug recipe, etc.
Net price: 
2 490 zł


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