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Device model Type Approvals of the Ministry of Finances
BONITA II PP7-8012/368/2010/04/JS (PDF 231 KB)
BRAVO / BRAVO Bazar PP7/8012/11/121/SIU/10/PT327 z 2010-11-26 (PDF 871 KB)
BONO E electronic copy!
PT7/8012/20/291/SIU/10/PT594 z 2011-01-28 (PDF 411KB)
BONO Apteka E electronic copy!
PT7/8012/13/54/11/ARH/135 z 2011-08-24 (PDF 270 KB)
DELIO APTEKA E electronic copy!
PT7/8012/46/894/SIU/08/PT1486 z 2010-08-25 (PDF 751 KB)
DELIO / DELIO PRIME PT7/8012/22/445/SIU/08/PT710 z 2009-05-20 (PDF 347 KB)
PT7/8012/18/125/11/ARH/339 z 2011-08-31 (PDF 270K B)
DELIO E / DELIO PRIME E electronic copy!
PT7/8012/45/893/SIU/08/PT1487 z 2009-12-15 (PDF 850 KB)
DELIO E / DELIO PRIME E / Delio FREE E electronic copy!
PT7/8012/17/230/SIU/10/PT528 z 2011-05-13 (PDF 1,04 MB)
DELIO APTEKA PP7/8012/52/487/SIU/07/PT1605 z 2008-12-23 (PDF 792 KB)
DEON E (Lex, Med) electronic copy!
PP7/8012/52/955/SIU/08/PT1533 z 2010-09-15 (PDF 277 KB)
PT7/8012/12/53/11/ARH/136 z 2011-08-25 (PDF 270 KB)
FIESTA PP7-8012/341/1760/04 (PDF 597 KB)
FRIGO PP7-8012/338/1760/04/JS (PDF 254 KB)
FRIGO II / FRIGO II+ PT7/8012/12/122/SIU/10/PT328 z 2010-12-30 (PDF 150 KB)
MAŁA / MAŁA PLUS PT7/8012/47/464/SIU/07/PT1560 (PDF 550 KB)
PP7/8012/43/891/SIU/08/PT1489 z 2009-10-02 (PDF 456 KB)
electronic copy!
PP7/8012/49/922/SIU/08/PT1505 z 2010-09-10 (PDF 201 KB)
Mini POS PT7-8012-16/136/JS/07/PT-406 (PDF 251 KB)
Mini POS E electronic copy!
PT7-8012/47/920/SIU/08/PT1502 z 2010-02-17 (PDF 1,1 MB)
MINI Tax PT7-8012-19/194/JS/07/PT-772 (PDF 256 KB)
Małe TANGO PP7/8012/16/138/SIU/08/PT403 z 2009-04-10 (PDF 814 KB)
NANO E (Lex, Med) electronic copy!
PT7/8012/51/954/SIU/08/PT1534 z 2010-03-11 (PDF 661 KB)
PT7/8012/11/52/11/ARH/137 z 2011-08-26 (PDF 252 KB)
PS3000, PS3000 plus PP7/8012/2/15/SIU/08/PT41 z 2009-01-09 (PDF 843 KB)
PS3000 net PP7/8012/3/16/SIU/08/PT42 z 2009-01-09 (PDF 711 KB)
PT7/8012/17/124/11/ARH/341 z 2011-08-30 (PDF 280 KB)
PS4000 E electronic copy!
PT7/8012/16/229/SIU/10/PT z 2011-03-17 (PDF 1,1MB)
QUARTO PP7-8012/148/586/05/JS (PDF 110 KB)
QUARTO APTEKA  PP7/8012/53/487/SIU/07/PT1604 z 2008-12-30 (PDF 933 KB)
RUMBA PP7/8012/15/137/SIU/08/PT404 z 2009-04-09 (PDF 1 MB)
SOLEO / SOLEO PLUS PP7-8012-23/640/JS/06/PT-806 (PDF 571 KB)
PP7/8012/44/892/SIU/08/PT1488 z 2009-10-02 (PDF 483 KB)
SOLEO E / SOLEO E PLUS electronic copy!
PT7/8012/50/953/SIU/08/PT1504 z 2010-03-12 (PDF 920 KB)
SYSTEM PP7-8012/339/1760/04/JS (PDF 296 KB)
TIPO PP7-8012/367/1760/04/JS (PDF 84,1 KB)
VEGA Mobil PT7-8012-213/SJ/06/PP-377 (PDF 190 KB)
VEGA Taxi /Cezar/ PP7/8012/20/443/SIU/08/PT712 z 2009-06-23 (PDF 1,2 MB)
PT7/8012/16/123/11/ARH/342 z 2011-08-30 (PDF 287 KB)
VEGA Taxi /TX-06/ PT7/8012/1/23/SIU/10/PT28 (PDF 682 KB) z 2010-04-09
VEGA Taxi /uTAX/ PT7/8012/4/17/SIU/08/PT39 z 2009-01-16 (PDF 408 KB)
VENTO PP7/8012/21/444/SIU/08/PT709 z 2009-06-23 (PDF 700 KB)
VENTO APTEKA PP7/8012/51/485/SIU/07/PT1602 z 2008-12-31 (PDF 698 KB)
VIVO PT7-8012-212/SJ/06/PP-376 (PDF 280 KB)
VIVO APTEKA PP7/8012/50/484/SIU/07/PT1603 z 2009-01-07 (PDF 698 KB)


Device model CE Certificates 
BONITA II CE Certificate (PDF 169 KB)
BRAVO CE Certificate (PDF 171 KB)
BONO E CE Certificate (PDF 443 KB)
DELIO PRIME CE Certificate (PDF 180 KB)
DELIO PRIME E CE Certificate (PDF 449 KB)
DELIO APTEKA CE Certificate (PDF 180 KB)
DEON E CE Certificate (PDF 260 KB)
FIESTA CE Certificate (PDF 169 KB)
FRIGO CE Certificate (PDF 170 KB)
FRIGO II CE Certificate (PDF 216 KB)
MINI Tax CE Certificate (PDF 170 KB)
Mała CE Certificate (PDF 459 KB)
Mała E CE Certificate (PDF 273 KB)
Małe TANGO CE Certificate (PDF 171 KB)
Mini POS CE Certificate (PDF 179 KB)
Mini POS E CE Certificate (PDF 221 KB)
PS 3000 /plus /net CE Certificate (PDF 211 KB)
PS 4000 E CE Certificate (PDF 460 KB)
NANO E CE Certificate (PDF 224 KB)
QUARTO CE Certificate (PDF 170 KB)
QUARTO APTEKA  CE Certificate (PDF 231 KB)
RUMBA CE Certificate (PDF 169 KB)
SOLEO CE Certificate (PDF 193 KB)
SOLEO E CE Certificate (PDF 223 KB)
SYSTEM CE Certificate (PDF 170 KB)
TIPO CE Certificate (PDF 169 KB)
uTAX plus - fiskalny CE Certificate (PDF 156 KB)
VEGA Mobil CE Certificate (PDF 172 KB)
VEGA Taxi CE Certificate (PDF 169 KB)
VEGA Taxi /TX-06/ CE Certificate (PDF 169 KB)
VENTO CE Certificate (PDF 170 KB)
VENTO Apteka CE Certificate (PDF 172 KB)
VIVO CE Certificate (PDF 170 KB)
VIVO Apteka CE Certificate (PDF 170 KB)


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