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Distinguishing features of DEON E fiscal printer:

  • Compact dimensions and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic casing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Operability in difficult environmental conditions: high and low temperatures
  • The first portable printer with the electronic journal in Poland
  • The electronic journal on an SD card with capacity accessible to the user
  • Access to data stored on SD card from the printer (for printing). Access to data stored on SD card from a PC for reviewing, reporting and copying.
  • Supplied software for reading SD card data with reporting and search functionality and for reading data from fiscal memory with option to perform periodic and monthly fiscal report
  • Advanced energy management
  • High-performance internal Li-ion battery
  • Printing up to 2.5 thousand receipts without external power supply. After the battery low status announcement is displayed, more than 300 receipts can be printed.
  • Internal battery in form of a removable pack
  • Battery charging with an adapter outside of the printer
  • Alphanumeric LCD displays for the cashier and the customer, 2x16 characters in blue
  • Backlit switch keyboard of precise operation with silicon cover layer protecting against liquids
  • Alphanumeric keyboard facilitating printer handling and programming, as well as for determining the date and number ranges for periodical reports
  • One-touch keys for menu, and daily, periodic and monthly reports
  • Communication ports RS232 and USB
  • Cooperation with most sales applications with use of the most popular communication software in the market
  • Communication and SD card ports protected with rubber caps protecting against dirt and moisture
  • Special place provided for installing an external Bluetooth module for wireless communication with a PC
Net price: 
2 290 zł


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