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Distinguishing features of SOLEO PLUS E cash register:

  • Recording the electronic journal on the SD card
  • Graphic displays for operators and customers with selectable character size
  • Large PLU database: 12,000 + 1,000 linked codes;
  • Programming the article’s multiplication with a linked code
  • Configurable primary currency of the cash register (e.g. EUR, USD, etc.) – support for multiple currencies
  • Support for ordinal codes (2 codes per article)
  • Online buffer for 10,000 sales items – as in the best system cash registers
  • Identification of 20 cashiers
  • Database of 15 sellers
  • 8 embedded permanent payment forms and 4 additional fully customizable payment forms
  • 108 programmable code or function keys (27 keys x 4 levels)
  • Paper width 57 mm, 48 characters per line, printing speed of 14 text lines per second (5.51 cm/s)
  • Devices possible to connect: scales, bar code reader, PC, modem, EFT terminal, PC2, auxiliary ports, printout monitor, kitchen printer.
  • Support for multiple currencies, support for Euro currency
  • Article searching by name and selecting articles from definable lists
  • Network connectivity with use of a modem and PPP and TCP/IP protocols. FTP communication can be handled automatically according to the determined schedule without any user interaction – programming files downloaded from FTP server
  • Non-fiscal printouts for PC2 applications, payment terminals/PIN pads, kitchen printers
  • Support for simple orders sent via FTP
  • Sending and receiving simple text messages transmitted via FTP protocol.
  • Printout monitor function – transmitting cash register’s printouts via serial port RS232 e.g. to the visual cashier’s work supervision system.
  • Support for bar code-based discount cards
  • Price checker function
  • Inventory taking function
  • Article price reductions function
Net price: 
1 990 zł


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